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We are a fully established Parts and Service center.  We specialize in dry rot, bearings, brakes, insurance repairs and we carry a wide rage of accessories and parts to meet all of you RV needs.

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XL Collapsible Bucket

Price: $23.95

*Collapses to 2 3/4" for easy storage

*Made with durable watertight fabric

*Easy to carry

*Storage bag included

*5 gallon capacity

Faulkner White Recliner Serving Tray

Price: $24.95

Food and beverages at your finger tips.  It's a must have for every recliner owner. 

This tray rotates and swivels, it's fully adjustable, easy to assemble and it fits both chairs and recliners.



EDV-1100 Petite Dehumidifier

Price: $85.95

*Approximately 8oz per day @ 30 deg C, 80% RH

*Eliminates odors and fungus

*Whisper technology. No compressor

*High speed 3"x3" DC brushless motor

*Weighs 0.45 kg/16oz

*Dimensions: 6"(W) X 8.5"(H) X 5"(D)



EDV-2200 Mid-Size Dehumidifier


*Environmentaly Friendly

*Helps prevent mold & mildew

*Dust mites, allergy & asthma relief

*20.5 oz per day @ 30 deg C, 30% RH

*Water tank capacity: 2 liters

*No compressor

*Auto cut-off with LED indicator

*Dimensions: 9"(W) X 14"(H) X 7.5"(D)

Caframo Stor-Dry

Low Wattage Warm Air Circulator

Special Price $79.95

Price: $99.95

*Combats mold, mildew & musty odor

*Designed for Marine & RV use

*Gentle heat protects cabins & lockers

*Energy efficient, silent operation

*Rugged aluminum body will not corrode

*Internal blower provides superior performance



The Folding Assist Railing

Special Price $52.95

Price: $65.95

The Lend-a-Hand RV rail provides steady support and convenience,as you go up the stairs or down the road.


*Folds & locks to the side of your RV without tools

*locks open to make entering or exiting your RV easier and safer

*Available Finishes in White with Foam Grip