90 Watt Solar


Free standing and easy to use. Just unfold, plug in and start charging. Capture the power of the sun without complicated installations.


You can move these out into the sun if you are in a heavy tree site and they can be moved to tract the sun better than fixed mounted panels.

Comes with 32' of battery cable and its own storage/carry case.

In-Store Specials

In-Store Specials

Premium Kneeler Pad
Premium Kneeler Pad

Premium Kneeler Pad

 Can be used for:

*Lawn & Garden


*Roadside Emergencies




Caframo Stor-Dry

Low Wattage Warm Air Circulator

*Combats mold, mildew & musty odor

*Designed for Marine & RV use

*Gentle heat protects cabins & lockers

*Energy efficient, silent operation

*Rugged aluminum body will not corrode

*Internal blower provides superior performance



The Folding Assist Railing

The Lend-a-Hand RV rail provides steady support and convenience,as you go up the stairs or down the road.


*Folds & locks to the side of your RV without tools

*locks open to make entering or exiting your RV easier and safer

*Available Finishes in White with Foam Grip